Terms of use


When you access, browse and use our website, and/or use our services you accept to have read, understood and to agree with the terms and conditions that are here mentioned.

Remember that once you reserve through our page you are already accepting the Terms & Conditions hereby mentioned, and you are accordingly expected to respect the rules. You will also have to sign them at the moment of the ‘check-in’ upon your arrival.



All the rates are for complete apartments.

All the apartment rates include the VAT at the current application fee.

It’s required for, at least, one person to be over 18 years old per booking.

When you make a reservation through granviacapital.es, the rates that you can find in the search result are those of application. In the case of any unexpected change or problem with your booking we will automatically get in contact with you for your approval/instructions, before changing it.

After making your reservation online, you will receive an online confirmation, that will also include the payment conditions, the cancellation policy, apartment address, our phone numbers and the necessary information to do the check-in.



The payment of the full amount of the reservation will be made upon arrival unless it’s a non-refundable reservation, which will be charged at the moment of the reservation.

The payments have to be made by credit card.



The cancellation policy may vary depending on the type of reservation you have chosen.

Every cancellation or changes have to be made by writing via email .

The promotional bookings have different cancellation policies.



– If you do not turn up in your apartment in the expected date of arrival, without previous cancellation on the appropriate time, the company holds the right of charging the fee pertinent corresponding to the cancellation policy of your booking.

If Urban Málaga Apartments has to modify a reservation (in case of force majeure, or because of unexpected circumstances) this will be immediately notified via email or phone. Urban Málaga Apartments will offer an apartment of equal characteristics to the one already reserved.

If the client does not agree with the suggested alternative he/she will be able to cancel the booking without being subjected to the cancellation policy, receiving the full amount paid at the moment. In this case, Urban Málaga Apartments does not assume any other responsibility for the total or partial cancelation or the booking.

You can cancel or modify your reservation without any charge, up to 14 days before the date of arrival. If you cancel or modify after this period, the hotel will charge the 100% of the stay. The modification of the apartments is subject to availability of the apartments..

The promotional bookings are not refundable in case of cancellation.

Check-out before the end of the booking

If a client decides to leave the apartment before the expected check-out date, he/she WILL NOT BE REFUNDED the amount of the remaining nights.


Check-in / check-out

Arrival: The apartment will be available from 3pm. If by any case you arrive before that time, please contact Urban Málaga Apartments and we will try to receive you ahead of time if possible.

Departure: The check-out time is at 11am. If you wish to leave after this time, please ask for availability upon arrival or before the date of checking-out. Under request, and always if there’s availability, you will be able to stay in your apartment having previously paid the correspondent fee depending on the check-out time.


Identification and number of guests

You have to inform Urban Málaga Apartments of the number of guests at the time of the reservations as this will determine the type of apartment and rate.

The number of guests in each apartment can never exceed the maximum allowed in each apartment (consult this in the information file of the chosen apartment), excepting the children under 3 years old. Baby cots are available under request.


Pets are not allowed.

If you commit any infraction of the obligations before mentioned, Urban Málaga Apartments, under its own criteria, will have the right to ask the client to leave the apartment, and said client will not have the right to claim any type of compensation.



At the end of the stay, the client is obliged to leave the apartment in a reasonable way: leave the kitchen without food traces and the utensils clean.



  • Loud music and parties are totally forbidden.
  • When you make the reservation of your apartment you have to know that, in the event of making any kind of scandal or if the music is too loud and your neighbours complain or call the police, it may lead to an immediate evacuation of apartment, no matter the time of day or night.
  • The times of rest are between 10pm and 9am. We appreciate your comprehension and collaboration in this matter and we hope you understand that these rules are necessary for a respectful coexistence.
  • We expect a civic and correct behaviour from your part and all the people accompanying you. If any of the guests are not behaving in a responsible and adequate way, Urban Málaga Apartments reserves the right to ask the client and their companions to leave the apartment, without any right of future reclamations or any type of compensation. This will mean the immediate loss of the remaining rent.



Urban Málaga Apartments is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that can happen as a consequence of the misuse of the apartment that the client may do, including, without a limit of damages, losses as a result of fire, theft or criminal conduct. In case of the infraction of any of the obligations before mentioned, Urban Málaga Apartments, under its own criteria, will have the right of asking the client to leave the apartment.